I'm a Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant and Essential Oil Educator. I offer services for men and women who feel frustrated with their current state of health, who want to abandon the awful cycle of dieting, binging and dieting again. My programs offer a down to earth real sense on how to eat and live healthily so you can feel energized, less stressed and fully nourished!

My Principles:
In order to begin your health journey you must learn to first love yourself as you are right now at this very moment!

The best way to reach your healthiest state is by learning how to listen to your body and respond intuitively.

The foundation of good health is a matter of learning how to detox daily to allow our bodies to function at it’s best. This requires eating a whole food diet, switching to natural products in the home and learning how to reduce and manage daily stress.

Does that mean being 100% natural? NO! Does that mean that you must follow one specific type of diet? ABSOLUTELY NOT! I can relate to those who feel like they are almost afraid to eat anything at all because of all the conflicting information out there. Animal protein is bad for you, but eating high protein helps you lose weight and grains mess up your digestion, and eating high fat will spike your metabolism, and veganism is the only way.

It doesn't have to be confusing! Each body is unique and therefore what works for you may not work for another. 

But how does one figure out what will work for them?

By doing a full assessment on your current health concerns, I am able to construct simple and easy solutions that will be tailored to your lifestyle. Together we will develop a foundation that will help you achieve your health goals and get you feeling your absolute best.

My programs are customized to each individual. They are structured to go at your pace and to keep your specific needs in mind. I want you to live a healthy and fulfilling life through the use of natural solutions including nutrition, personal hygiene products, cleaning products, supplements (if needed), stress management techniques and proper self-care practices.

After spending the last 8 years working with weight loss clients and I too, have struggled with my weight, I realized that weight loss is never the primary issue. So whether the goal of the client was weight loss, there was usually always other symptoms that needed to be dealt with first before weight loss can be achieved. They may have been suffering from digestive issues, hormone imbalances, imbalanced blood sugar etc.

So after doing a full analysis with you I am able to determine where to begin and provide you an easy and simple program that targets your nutrition, your home environment and your mental state.

Another huge realization I had as a weight loss coach is just how difficult it was for a client to be successful if they didn’t commit to improving their lifestyle. This included changing not just what they ate but their environment around them. As I always say, health goes way beyond the plate.

You can’t tell someone what to eat and expect them to go home, into the exact same kitchen that was set up for the Standard American Diet and have them be efficient in the new program. BUT I also couldn’t expect my client to go home after one visit with me and completely transition their household to be fit with its own organic garden, reversed osmosis water system, stocked with all homemade chemical free products, begin sprouting and making your own almond milk, etc.

And for some, in fact probably for most, it may never go that far, but we need to start somewhere. I want my clients to be aware of how small changes can have such a powerful impact on their health.

We will begin by slowly implementing healthy and easy recipes, building your foundation of wellness until you reach a ratio that you are comfortable with. I personally like to live an 80/20 rule, occasionally enjoying my favorite treats and meals here and there. You will learn to listen to your body and respond intuitively. My easy to follow handouts will help you along the way. We will also focus on setting up your home for natural living, by replacing chemical ridden products with natural solutions. Whether that’s DIY projects or taken from a list of my preferred store bought suggestions. You will also learn different ways to manage your stress and increase your activity level.

My clients feel empowered and now have the knowledge and experience along with ongoing support to pro-actively take care of their health with the use of natural and holistic methods. This is an investment in YOU. You will be essentially balanced within your own body and home.

Let’s face it, nutrition can be contradicting. So with my EASY, ELUCIDATED AND ENJOYABLE step by step approach you can be sure that you will know how to successfully take hold of your health!

Are you ready to start building that foundation one brick at a time?



More about me...

Most days, when I am not working with my clients you can find me with a smile on my face listening to music, laughing with my boyfriend, family and friends, and daydreaming about the next trip I want to take. I love checking out local farmer's markets, boutique shops and independent restaurants. 

I have a passion for creating essential oil concoctions and doing classes on all the different ways to use them. I also teach at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and help organize a networking event for local Nutritional Consultants. Making connections with like-minded people and developing a sense of community is a huge priority of mine. 


If you are dying to hear more, here are four things you might not know about me:

1. I love to dance and any chance I get I will show off my ridiculously bad moves on the dance floor.

2. I have a dresser full of costume jewelry and I will more often then not push the limits of wearing too many pieces at once. 

3. I am kind of a nerd and in my years of being in school I created a 2 ft high stack of cue cards but who can make fun since I graduated with a scholarship and honors in both high school and the nutrition program. 

4. I have an adventurous side to me which I have fulfilled by going sky diving and bungee jumping. And if I hadn't broke my pelvis in a motorbike accident, I'd do those things again in a heartbeat. 

5. When I say I am obsessed with avocados it's no joke. In fact, my friends planned an avocado themed birthday party for me.

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